Here's what our customers have to say:
"They are the best. Been doing business with them since 1982 . Very friendly, good quality products , I recommend them to all my friends and clients . Stop by, get to know them. I worked with 3 Generations of the De Angelis family. Just good home folks."
- jan b oglesby
"I recently had the happy privilege of doing business with DeAngelis Jewelry in Germantown, TN. My wedding ring had become too tight. Because of my arthritis, it could not be removed. Your jewelry store was highly recommended for the removal of my ring. With some apprehension I entered the store. As it turned out, the jeweler was exceedingly competent, and the process was painless.

Then, we moved to the next step: How do I replace this ring? On our 25th Wedding Anniversary, my husband had my diamond reset in a wide gold band. Single gold bands with small diamonds were added to each side of the wide band. One of those bands contained the original diamonds from my almost 60-year-old wedding ring.

Everyone at the store was so patient and eager to help me find the best solution. Working with my budget, they found a beautiful gold band that unlocked at the back. My diamond was set on top. The two gold bands were enlarged so that I could wear them on my right hand. I appreciate so much their expertise and their kindness and patience. I am truly pleased with the results."
    - Sarah O. Maddox
    "Kristen, David, Lindsey and really the entire staff took such great care of my wife and me. I worked with David to find the perfect stone for our engagement, and the process was as painless as it was exciting. We also bought my wife's wedding band and my wedding band from DeAngelis. I've made a point to recommend all of my friends to them because they did such an incredible job. Go to DeAngelis. You will not be disappointed."
    - Scott Perryman
    "Deangelis Jewelers is amazing!!!! I have not worn my wedding ring and band for almost 3 yrs since our first born bc my fingers grew fat after pregnancy. I've been to several jewelry stores and everyone said "no...your band is too complicated and the diamonds on the setting is too risky to move and expand." I was so distraught and I wore different simple rings and even plastic rubber rings. My husband took it to DJ and they fixed my ring and I'm so happy and so grateful!!! I love my ring!!! it's more beautiful than ever!!!"
    - Lizrd Win
    "I first heard of DeAngelis Jewelers back in 1988 when a dear friend recommended them to me.
    I had inherited several pieces of fine jewelry, including a diamond earring (only one earring) that was passed down to me from my third great grandmother who was from Paris, France.

    I took it all to DeAngelis, and Mr DeAngelis designed the most detailed and exquisite wedding ring. It is so unusual and truly one of a kind and he used the one earring as the center “stone”. I still receive compliments on my ring.
    Since then, and for the last 30+ years, DeAngelis is the only jeweler I have taken my pieces to. They have replaced lost stones, redesigned inherited pieces, sized up and sized down pieces. They even restrung my pearl necklace after I lost weight and made it fit my neck.

    For the last few years Michael and David have continued on with their fathers work, taking care off our family’s gifts and crafting new ones along the way. That store is so frickin’ dangerous for me - I want to spend all my money there!

    You will not be disappointed, but simply amazed!"
    - Marie Garrett
    (Cordova Tn)
    "They replaced a diamond that came out of my cocktail ring while I waited. Excellent customer service and excellent price. Thanks y'all!"
    - Cat Carter-Creed
    "I had a pearl bracelet my husband had given me on our 25th wedding anniversary and I broke it. I asked if they could restring it and change the clasp using a gold and diamond pendant I had gotten for my 10th anniversary which I no longer wore. It is EXACTLY what I had envisioned. They are great!!!!"
    - Susan Hunt Palmer
    "I have loved DeAngelis Jewelers for at least 20 + years! They have repaired items, they made my wedding ring in 1999 and much more custom work! Very nice family owned company to to business with!"
    - Alisa Holt Dewberry
    "We've used them for many years so dependable and best quality of work. Love them and their work!"
    - Rhonda Heath East